Are You Sorry Now? LP is repressed

The 2nd pressing of LP is here. 550 copies on clear wax this time. You can get it from NNNW or from us directly on the gigs.
Reedycja “Are You Sorry Now?” LP wylądowała już u nas. 550 sztuk na przeźroczystym winylu. Można to łyknąć od NNNW albo bezpośrednio od nas na koncertach.


Are you sorry now? 2nd press

split 7″ up for listening

New 7-inch split with Poison Planet is finally out. Now you can listen to the whole Government Flu side online.

We are out of limited white vinyls now. Blue ones are still available from us on the gigs and from Refuse Records directly.
We are going to play an European Tour in July. Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Germany – keep your eyes peeled.
We are also happy to announce that we’ll play Fluff Fest this year.
Check out for more updates in the gigs section.

Government Flu / Poison Planet split

“Government Poison E.P.” pre-order

Refuse Records just announced pre-order for our 7-inch split with Poison Planet. It’s going to be out on the 1st of April. You can place an order at
Here are some details:




Side Government:

1. Intro
2. They Know Best
3. Random Acts
4. New Barbarians

Side Poison:

5. Death of Ideas
6. Retaliate
7. Drug Related Causes
8. Servant Class Citizen

Pressing info:
3 test press (not for sale)
110 copies, white vinyl (20 PLN / 5,00 EUR / $7 + shipping)
400 copies, blue vinyl (18 PLN / 4,50 EUR / $6 + shipping)


Gigs in February

In February we are going on a short trip around Poland and Germany together with Cast In Iron ( Here are the dates:

01.02 – Wrocław, PL @ Złe Mięso w/ Cast In Iron
02.02 – Goerlitz, DE @ JKZ Basta w/ Cast In Iron, Sonic Booze Machine, Android Empire
03.02 – Leipzig, DE @ Zoro w/ Cast In Iron, Antichrist
05.02 – Hannover, DE @ UJZ Korn w/ Cast In Iron
06.02 – Potsdam, DE @ Blackfleck w/ Cast In Iron
07.02 – Greifswald, DE @ JUZ Klex w/ Cast In Iron, Fed Up!
08.02 – Szczecin, PL @ Loft Art w/ Cast In Iron, The Throne
09.02 – Rumia, PL @ Tawerna w/ Cold, Work For It




You can check out a brand new song from upcoming 7-inch split with POISON PLANET from Chicago. It should be out (hopefully) soon on Refuse Records. The song is called Random Acts.



listen to the heartbeat
look at bulging veins
you can feel this fuckin’ bloodstream
everytime we’re shaking hands

cobbled streets, pavement bricks
they remember very well
blood gets sticky really quick

city stopped at once
couldn’t hear a noise
i was trying to stay focused
on the red stream from my nose

cobbled streets, pavement bricks
they remember very well
blood gets sticky really quick

listen to the heartbeat
look at bulging veins
you don’t have to take my blood
to check if i’m a living man



Holes 7″ E.P.

Ok, it looks like the new 7″ will be finally out until the end of the week. After printing company fucked up the covers and we had to reject them, we were told that we would get the improved ones until saturday. Everything should be OK this time. In the meantime we made a limited to 60 copies edition for Bez Ziewania Fest (that was great evening!) with a different cover made by amazing Dawid Ryski aka Talkseek ( Those 60 copies are already gone – we sold them all at the record release gig. You can see both covers (regular and limited) below.



Holes 7″ E.P. – regular cover

Holes 7″ E.P. – ltd edition cover made by Dawid Ryski (


3 test presses (rejected)
2 test presses (approved)
60 ltd release gig edition (black vinyl) – SOLD OUT
110 clear vinyl (available from the band only)
110 white vinyl (available exclusively from Yamadori Records)
250 black vinyl

This 7″ EP will be put out by Yamadori Records (they were also one of the labels that put out our Demo 7″). You should reach Yamadori Records if you want to get a copy of Holes 7″. Here’s the address: atwarwitheverybody(at)gmail(dot)com



New song from upcoming 7″ E.P.

The 7″ is called “Holes” and should be out very soon on Yamadori Records.




We haven’t recorded anything new yet…

…but we felt like releasing something anyway.


Government Flu 'Singles collection' 12


The new 12″ entitled ‘Singles Collection’ contains, as you can probably guess, all of our singles recorded so far, up to 2011. Some of them were long gone and we thought that would be nice to have them repressed again on one LP, so you could listen to them without changing the sides too many times, you lazy bastards. There are tracks from ‘Demo 2008’ EP, ‘Fuck Poetics’ EP, ‘Warsaw is Burning Compilation’ EP and ‘Like Letters’ EP on it. It will be out on Nikt Nic Nie Wie and Refuse Records very soon. Pre-order just started. Cover art was made by amazing Raf Wechterowicz. Check him out here:



Release date: 15.07.2012

14 test presses
150 blue vinyl
350 black vinyl

PS: The heading of this post it’s a kinda lie, cause we did record something… We may let you know about it soon.

PS2: K-Town Fest was blast! Thanx to everyone involved in organizing this beautiful festival for letting us play there. Special thanx to Zosia and Kiwi.



New T-shirt design

35 PLN / 10 euro. Available sizes: S, M, L.
Ask for details:


Government Flu T-shirt


Next weekend in Copenhagen. We are playing on friday. See you there!