About me

I am a freshly graduated PhD from the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön (Germany) working with Professor Arne W. Nolte and Professor Diethard Tautz.
My research centers around hybrid speciation; understanding how new species arise as a result of hybridization.

I earned an MSc in Oceanography and Marine Environment from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Sorbonne, Paris VI, France).
Before my MSc I studied Biology and Psychology at the University of Warsaw (Poland) and Oceanography with French at the University of Southampton (UK).

Outside of research I have a passion for science outreach and bio-hacking. Read about it here!

My Research

The diversity of life on Earth has always bewildered scientists!

My scientific interest is driven by fascination and urge to understand this diversity. I am interested in evolutionary processes leading to differentiation, adaptation and speciation with particular soft spot for hybridization.


Biology is just…

a wonderfully exciting domain of science!
Regretfully the general public often perceives it as a topic that is extremely complicated, incomprehensible, demands high expertise and in addition is simply scary. “Genetic material”, “cloning” and “genetically modified organisms” are terms that often …


I enjoy taking photos with my old analog Russian ZENIT camera. Here I share with you a few of those from: Roscoff (France), Swiss Alps and Aletsch Glacier, Bremerhaven (Germany), Tokyo (Japan).